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Boston Dance Immersion Classes and Programs
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After School Program

  • The After school program includes classes in ballet, jazz, modern, tap, musical theatre and hip-hop. Depending on age and skill level, students take between 1 and 3 classes per day. When students are not in class, they are required to completeschoolwork. Playrooms are available for youngsters. BDI will help you to create a schedule for your child.
  • September 8, 2016- June 24, 2017
  • Children ages 4-18 years old
  • Transportation is provided from school to studio. Carpools are coordinated from studio to home
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Saturday workshops and classes 

  • 10 am- 2pm
  • BDI offers classes for children in ballet, jazz, modern and dance.
  • Children ages 4-12 years old also have the option to sign-up for a 4-hour long workshop exploring a certain dance genre or technique. BDI often invites guest teachers to lead lessons in global dances including, flamenco dancing, salsa, belly dancing and so much more. 
My son loves BDI. He looks forward to learning new steps and then showing them to me every week. My son has always been quite shy. BDI has really given him a voice and the confidence to express himself by nurturing his creativity and providing a safe and fun learning environment. BDI has been a great blessing to us.

Holly Stewart

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Boston dance for kids
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Summer, Spring and Winter break dance camps and classes

  •  Summer Day Camp: BDI's summer programs are a great way to introduce dance and theater to beginners or to challenge the serious dance student. Our programs offer a fun summer experience while reinforcing dance technique and introducing the basics of theater. Ages 4-18 years old. 
  • Summer Evening Classes: We offer asummer evening classes for all ages from the end of June to mid-August. Classes include ballet, pointe, contemporary, modern, lyrical, jazz, tap, improvisation, hip hop and more. Registration for summer evening classes is open.
  • Winter/Spring Break Day Camp and Classes: These half-day programs include a variety of speciality classes. This is a great option for students that want to keep dancing during breaks, or do not want to commit to a year-long program. Classes are available from 10 am- 2pm.
We can't say enough about BDI! I am single mother of three children- two elementary school students and one toddler. BDI has opened my kids' eyes up to a whole new world. There are so many ways that which they have grown, but in a nutshell, my kids are more confident and more curious.

Selena Calingo

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